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40-Minutes | $60



When life gets overwhelming, we tend to lose our sense of self, connection, love, wisdom and power, especially when we feel consumed by pain and trauma or become overly distracted by outside influences and stimulations. This can affect many areas of our lives - relationships, career, romance etc.

In a Healing and Intuitive Coaching session, you will be guided back to yourself.


This is a safe, nurturing space for you to just BE, and express your thoughts and emotions without judgment. I find that, in this space, we are more likely to heal from past trauma and release limiting beliefs that make us feel small. 


As we release layers of pain, we start to remember who we are at our core and forge a path that is more aligned with our truth. This is where we begin to feel a sense of stability, balance, clarity and meaning in life.


As empaths and highly sensitives, it is important for us to realize and empower our gifts and abilities to better serve our lives, humanity and the world. I teach people how to manage their sensitivities, remember their power and gain a better sense of self and purpose in life.


Each coaching session is tailored to your specific needs at the time of each session. Sessions may include shadow work, inner child healing, astrology, numerology and other methods of practice. Channeled messages from your higher self, spirit guides, ancestors, angels and other helpers may also be communicated to assist you in your journey.


​Learn how to:

  • Let go of pain and trauma, and destructive habits and behavioral patterns

  • Release resistance and "go with the flow", especially in times of uncertainty and the unknown

  • Cultivate self-love and provide self-care

  • Develop and maintain healthy relationships

  • Stand in your truth

  • Express yourself more freely, compassionately

  • Have effective communication in relationships

  • Discover your true self and life's purpose

  • Manage your gifts and abilities

  • Connect with your intuition

  • Connect with your guides and other light beings

  • Cleanse, ground and protect your energy

  • Cut energetic cords of influence and gain energetic independence (discern own thoughts and emotions)


Healing is a journey that requires releasing emotional barriers, one layer at a time. Therefore, it is highly recommended to book more than one session for a more effective healing experience. Package options are available, and may be customized to fit your needs and goals. To discuss a package option that works for you, contact Désirée here.

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