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No more excuses!

Make it happen. NO excuses!

This has been THE theme for me this year. Actually listening to myself and my needs, and having to break through so many barriers (and still am) has been so energetically taxing. I keep reminding myself that it’s gotten to this point because I’ve been avoiding a lot of shit for so long. I created a lifetime of excuses! Though, I’ve come to realize that having these excuses will only bring me further and further away from my true happiness. And I can’t seek validation from others because how the hell else does anyone know what you truly want/need when they’re not living in your skin and walking in your shoes? In reality, what’s for me is solely for me to explore and in my own way. What I want/need may seem radical to others but it fully resonates with my entire being and I have to stay true to that.

So many of us make excuses about having little to no time or needing the condition of another, like having someone else’s “ok” to move forward or needing a certification to validate your skill. What do YOU want?? Because last time I checked, all that matters is your experience and if you don’t expose yourself to it, you may never get to where you need to be. Make the time for it if it matters so much. Generate the willpower to achieve your goals. At the end of the day, you are in charge of your own happiness.

Today, I have a reason to smile. I am walking MY path in MY own skin and MY own shoes, and now that I have been true to myself, I am seeing some amazing things unfold before my eyes. ✨

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