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Signs That You Don’t Trust Yourself

Image by Murat Akyol

There is much power in trusting yourself. It signifies that you know exactly who you are, what your purpose is here on earth, and that you have unlimited potential! Though, not many of us actually do trust ourselves because we were taught otherwise.

Here is a list of signs to help you determine if you don’t trust yourself:

◻️ Overanalyze things

◻️ Scared of failure

◻️ Avoid pain or conflict

◻️ Try to control everything

◻️ Compare yourself to others

◻️ Ask for other’s opinions

◻️ Attend to other’s needs before your own

◻️ Judge or criticize yourself and others

◻️ Take too much responsibility for others

◻️ Believe what others say about you

◻️ Unwilling to reveal your true self


Well, your inner critic developed a list of reasons why. You may have been told that you are supposed to be someone other than yourself. You may have been told that you will never be happy unless you follow certain rules. You may feel that you are damaged or broken and need to be “fixed”. Whatever the case may be, you just never learned how to trust yourself.


☑️ Spend time with yourself and connect.

Listen to the inner critic and pay attention to how it makes you feel. Trusting yourself requires learning how to discern your needs and desires from the needs and desires of others. Most of the time the inner critic is LOUD. Listen to the subtlety.

☑️ Consume less external noise.

When you feel overwhelmed, try not to turn to someone else or the media. Learn how to rely more on your internal wisdom.

☑️ Find someone who you can be open and honest with.

First, you might want to ask yourself, “do I want to be like that person?” It’s best to lean on someone that can create the space for you to just “be”, ie. a therapist or coach, best friend, close family member...

It is important to start the journey of trust because once you learn how to trust yourself, it will become easier for you to trust others, the process of life, and in the universe. I believe in you! ✨

💖 With Love & Gratitude,


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