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Why are you REALLY feeling empty?

Are you seeking for a partner to make you feel whole? Are you lacking the support of family or friends? Are you feeling unstable in your career? If you said yes to any of these questions, you may be feeling a sense of emptiness. However, this feeling runs deeper than the need of a love partner, support of family or friends, and financial success. Emptiness is felt when we lack a sense of purpose.

For many years, we have been taught to follow whether it be by our parents/guardians, friends, teachers/education system, bosses, culture, religion, society, or the media. Our natural tendency is to seek validation outside of ourselves teaching us to bring the focus out of the self while ignoring our intuition and denying our deepest desires. Thus, moving further and further away from discovering our true purpose.

The human mind is very complex but it doesn’t have the capacity to understand the depths of our emotions or desires. The ego thinks it can perceive them well based on past experiences and logic but it often creates stories that does not truly exist in our own realities, overpowering our intuitive abilities. When we feel our emotions, there is no logic to it. You cannot think to feel. The body feels before the mind can understand it. Using intuition will give awareness back to the feeling before the stories were created and guide you to explore deeper into your truth.

Ask yourself: What am I here for? How can I live a life worth living? What makes me feel most fulfilled? You may find yourself automatically using logic and comparison but will soon realize that feeling rather than thinking will get you closer.

What sparks light in you? Do you long to dance, sing, paint, act, lead, start your own business/practice, or create something else that doesn’t exist? Did you deny it because it doesn’t “fit” your lifestyle right now given the many circumstances you are in or do you generally just don’t see its possibility for a lifetime commitment? Well, I think it’s time for you to explore it regardless of your situation because you truly have nothing to lose. Suffering has to end in order to start a new beginning. Don’t you feel like you’ve suffered enough? And who knows? You just might find your purpose there OR guaranteed it will lead you closer to it. Finding your purpose requires letting go of old limiting beliefs and to explore with an open mind and heart. If you find yourself making excuses, remind yourself that they are only based on what already exists. You are meant to create it for yourself and for the benefit of others. Let go of the comparative mindset. Share your gifts. Your potential isn’t measured by the accomplishments of others. True success is fulfilled by aligning with your purpose, feeling the intensity of its truth, and taking the necessary steps as it is given to you day by day.

Make yourself feel whole again. Become you more and more everyday. Start listening to your inner voice and disregard the opinions of others. Fuel the fire within. This is for you and only you. Create your OWN reality.

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