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Learn how to release pain and trauma, discover who you are beyond conformity, and empower your gifts and abilities.

Receive guidance on romance, career, finances, family, and other matters of life through the signs & symbols of the universe.

Transform stagnant, disruptive energy into a more free flowing, organic state to restore the life force of the body.

An ancient form of subtle healing touch at the Marma points to release energetic

blockages, and promote balance and flow.

An ancient Chinese fire cupping therapy and a Mesoamerican massage to stimulate the flow of energy in the body.

Session Packages Are Available

It is highly recommended to book more than one session for a more effective healing experience. As you may know, healing is a journey which requires peeling back layers of emotional barriers, one at a time. To reach major breakthroughs and end cycles of suffering, an old habit must be broken. This takes time, patience and consistency.


To discuss a package option that works for you, contact Désirée here. Different types of sessions may be arranged in the package and will include discounted pricing.

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