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Testimonials: Testimonials


Thank you so so incredibly much, Desiree. I can’t even tell you how valuable this was for me. There are so many things that make sense now. I’ve been feeling so deeply at peace and happy, and cried some kind of relief and sense of self. You are amazing. I’m so fascinated by your abilities and indescribably grateful that you wanted to do this session on me! I feel so much more whole. Thank you from every little part of my soul.


Desiree sessions have always been helpful, inspiring, encouraging, and meaningful to me. She talks to me in a soft, sweet, and gentle voice that makes me feel heard and loved. From my first session (over 4 years ago) and until now, I know I’ve grown so much as a person. She is so easy to talk with. I never feel judged. Desiree has guided and helped me through so much and I truly appreciate everything she has done for me. She is a wonderful person inside and out. Thank you Desiree from the bottom of my heart. You are the best!


I cannot thank you enough for yesterday. I came in nervous, on edge and on the verge of a complete mental breakdown. And when I left I felt so much lighter and at ease. Times have been extremely hard lately and this was such an amazing experience. I cannot thank you enough. I just can't get over how different I feel. It's absolutely amazing. Thank you so much.


I've been reflecting on the reading and I wanted to say thank you for your time and expertise. I am feeling such peace to know that this is what I've designed for myself, to experience the extremes of emotion and logic, and I am at peace with all that I have experienced is because it's what I wanted. Yes, I have much to work on (soul work and human work) but there is an acceptance that wasn't there before. What a gift! Thank you.


The accuracy and affirmation was so spot on. I'm still just reeling (in a really good way - like a breath of fresh air). I'm currently texting all my friends about you. Your work is very much needed and appreciated. ❤️❤️❤️


I want to write a review because this healing was ... how do I describe it.... magical.

I was skeptical at first; I never really believed in spiritual healing or any kind of healing in that matter. I reached out to Desiree with hopes it’ll help me figure myself out and reason to why I acted certain ways. Needless to say... 10 minutes into it and I’ve already felt weird sensations.... an hour or so into it I was crying.. I don’t know why I was crying but it moved me... and then I felt the presence of an Angel which made cry hysterically.

She’s told me about my past life, current and future and why I’m tied to certain people.. and it all makes sense. The power that this has is so intense that I yearn for more. But my spirit can only allow me to do so much in one session because at the end of it- it does leave you mentally and physically drained.

My heart was blocked for years and I never understood the layers that were growing to it. But Desiree Helped open my heart and also my mind. I am truly grateful that my spirit opened up to her as well as her welcoming me with open arms. If you’re in need of help, guidance or just a spiritual healing I’d suggest giving Desiree a chance in helping you to be the better version of yourself!


Prior to meeting with Desiree, I was skeptical about holistic approaches of healing. She had informed me about Marma Therapy and Emotion Code. In not knowing or even hearing about these techniques, Desiree educated and gave me an overview of each process. 


Desiree is very educated in her practices and her passion is evident. Her work is AMAZING. Since our Marma Therapy and Emotion Code Sessions, I have felt renewed, re-energized, and have a clear mind and heart. What stood out to me specifically, was in our most recent session where she cleared my "heart wall". Growing up and until this point, I have struggled in being vulnerable, admitting my wrongs, and selfishly had a mindset of "me" first which, ultimately, is not sustainable in any relationship, specifically with my fiancé. 


Just recently, we encountered an issue that required me to step back from my feelings and put myself in his shoes. Typically, this is not my approach to problem solving as I am an Aries and will fight it to the very end. However, with Desiree's advice and unblocking my heart, I was compelled to push my urge to fight aside and better understand him by putting myself in his shoes. This to me was surprising because throughout my life I have always fought to prove my case/point and always be right, but since our session, I have been more in tuned with myself and my partner. I have let my guard down, I am slowly but surely admitting my wrongs, and my mindset has shifted to being able to think about my partner's emotional well-being instead of my "me" first approach. My partner was surprised and thanked me for finally being able to let my pride down and allow myself to be empathetic towards him. Coming out of that conflict, I felt lighter and proud of myself for being able to let my guard down and actually try to understand him for once.


These are baby steps but, ultimately, I believe when I continue to work with Desiree I am capable of changing completely. As a result, I feel lighter, I am able to feel for him, and have a positive outlook for any relationship I will encounter.


I'm personally happy with my experiences so far with Desiree's work. She is very passionate and dedicated to helping others heal and transform their lives. She naturally radiates good vibe; she has a good, calming soul and she makes sure you get the healing experience you need at the moment and in the future. Appointments are flexible with her, and the prices are worth it. I highly recommend her!


I highly recommend Desiree for her energy work. As a previous skeptic, Desiree has turned me into a regular. I've noticed a reduction in anxiety, stress. and physical pain. I look forward to doing more sessions and seeing even more progress.


Working with Desiree has been a very eye opening experience. She has helped to guide me on how to live in the now, with steps on how to guide you to live your life to the fullest potential and fulfill your lifes purpose. She is very kind, understanding and patient when it comes to opening up to sharing your personal life and experiences to get the most out of your sessions. The best part about working with Desiree is she has been on the journey that she is helping guide me through.


My experiences with Desiree have been phenomenal! I came to Desiree during a time where I felt clouded and needed to understand my deepest self. Desiree was able to show me the skills that I was already equipped with (but didn't know I had) in order to challenge and change my way of thinking, acting and being - while also coming up with a plan to foster new skills. Sessions were comfortable, lengthy and fluid. I continuously felt a sense of ease, peace and determination after our sessions that fueled me until our next.  Desiree was an awesome facilitator and mentor. She continuously pushed me to deeper thinking and investigating my subconsciousness, making the time spent together rewarding, eye-opening and liberating. I felt challenged and thoroughly enjoyed "homework" that I used to foster new skills I have been trying to implement in my life. Since working with Desiree, I have been more aware of my surroundings, my feelings and my deeper self.


Desiree has already helped me immensely in the three sessions we have had so far together. After a quick consultation, we began our first session with Desiree reading my birth chart to me. This outlines all of the characteristics I naturally have because of how the starts, planets, and energies were aligned when I was born. All very resonate, I was able to relate to every single thing she was saying and started really thinking about how I naturally am sometimes competes with the person I am trying to be. Our second session was numerology, where we discussed more about how the traits that I was born with impact who I am and how I am trying to achieve my goals. We continue our sessions, now that she knows me a bit better, and we talk about these traits, both positive and negative, and how I can utilize them to help me live an authentic life. Desiree is also very flexible with moving out designated time, as one of the qualities I am trying to work on is keeping my schedule, however, it is a work in progress and she is so compassionate about it. She also sends me messages when she feels my energy is off, which, believe it or not, she is always super accurate with. I feel supported in and out of our sessions together.


Here’s the thing, I met Desiree at a time in my life where I felt as though I had tried my everything to get out of a very deep hole I dug myself into. The things we are advised to do when we go through “it”—cry it out, go to therapy, take meds, go exercise, eat clean, party it out, spend quality time with others, pick a new hobby, pray...Though all of those things work for many, for me, they worked too—just up until a certain point. That point was when I was in a place where my frustration with life was all too common of a theme. It felt like I was repeatedly hitting a brick wall and wasn’t getting any stronger or better for it and, most importantly I strongly felt, in my weak state oddly enough, I was ready to let go of feeling like that after every disappointment, every heartbreak, every shitty thing that happened to me. I just didn’t know how but I felt the need for unbiased guidance, I craved understanding more than anything else.


Maybe what I’m saying makes no sense or all the sense to you. Regardless, keep reading because I promise you it gets better. I was a closeted spiritual person meaning I would go to church and pray and believe when I needed to; I believe in things beyond our physical world but wasn’t exactly open about sharing any of that. I had done my best physically, mentally, spiritually, and it wasn’t enough. I thought I peaked, I was exhausted, and needed help. After isolating myself for several months, a very good friend who had always checked in with me one day recommended I speak to Desiree. I told her, “sure, I have nothing else to lose.” She gave me the “you have to believe” line and I told her I would and the truth is, I did. I desperately needed solutions to my problems and knew the only way I was going to get there was with hope. Hope is what keeps us going.

My first consultation with Desiree was truly life-changing. I cried, I laughed, but most importantly I spoke openly without judgement or fear and, listened to everything she had to say in return. So much so, I wrote just about everything she said down. She was accessible, kind, insightful, made sense of the dysfunction in my own head—a loving healer who knows what she’s doing, passionate about the process of healing, and genuinely seeks to help others. There was so much to discuss, we connected on everything I spoke about, and at the end of it, I knew that I had more than hope, I knew I just started climbing out of that deep hole I dug myself into. We had a few more sessions and suddenly it clicked what I really wanted, what my true fears were, where it stems from, and how to get to a place of happiness, of peace. I won’t lie to you—I am a work in progress, life is far from perfect right about now, but my life is better because of Desiree’s healing abilities. She credits me for doing the work, I credit her for not only identifying the work that has to get done but helping me through the work with nothing but unwavering support, hope, and care.

That’s the thing, I am here to share my experience with you and tell you that this is the sign you were looking for, here is written testimony from one human to another: she’s the real deal. I took a chance, listened, and learned. Will you?

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