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About Me: About Me


Energy Healing & Intuitive Coaching

Hi there! I appreciate you for taking the time to explore more about me. My name is Desiree. Energy is my first language. Sensitivity and empathy are a big part of my nature. And depth is one of my biggest values in relationships.

I place a high value in creating a safe, nurturing space for people to just BE, to express their thoughts and emotions freely, and help them feel seen, heard, accepted, loved and supported.

I believe that healing is a process, a journey, and that facing our shadows does not have to be done solely through the depths of sorrow, turmoil, rage and despair but also through expressions of love, wonder, joy and laughter.


As we release layers of pain and fear, we begin to unveil the truth of our existence, and start to feel a sense of purpose and meaning in life.

From my experience, it has helped to receive guidance from someone we can relate to, especially those who have had similar hardships in life. With that being said, I shared some of my background info below.


I look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for visiting!


Empathic Nature

As a child, I struggled to understand my empathic abilities, and felt powerless and shameful for being that way. I was very observational and extremely hesitant to trust someone's energy. I felt incredibly different and even outcasted, at times. My behaviors were unusual to the people around me. I was even bullied by certain family members, friends and classmates. It just didn't feel safe to be me.

I have a hypersensitivity to the needs and wants of others so I developed a pattern of people pleasing in order to feel a sense of love and acceptance. I feared expressing my truth and exposing my vulnerability as I frequently felt invalidated, misunderstood and undeserving to take up space. I became very quiet and reserved in order to avoid discord which lead to denying my needs and losing my sense of self.


My very nature is to feel a lot and very deeply. I feel people's emotions and discomforts in my body as if they are my own. I feel the energy of objects, the space, the environment and the world/collective. I can sense past, present and future happenings without logical explanation. I can sense life beyond this plane of existence. Though, I didn't know how to process or manage these sensations until I experienced my initial spiritual awakening at 30 years old.

Family Dynamic

My parents immigrated from the Philippines, seeking to provide a better life for themselves and their children. I realized at a young age that they were living in survival mode. They place a high value on fitting familial, cultural, religious and social constructs. As a result, I learned to sacrifice my individuality in order to be 'happy' and 'successful' in life - to survive.


Their strictness and sternness felt cold and indifferent. There was a lot of pressure to perform, achieve and stay-in-line. In our culture, it is common to give or receive judgment and criticism rather than a "good job" or "I'm proud of you" so there tends to be a lack of emotional support, intimacy and I love you's. As a result, I often felt like my very existence was the cause of their suffering. 'Nothing was ever good enough.' To keep some sort of peace, I often took responsibility of their discomfort, changing myself in order to fit their needs.

Religion & Sexuality

I grew up strict Catholic, attending church every Sunday and Bible study. I have always felt a natural resistance to the system. I sensed illusions within the teachings as they often instilled fear rather than true love and faith. Depending on a higher power rather than empowering the individual did not sit well with me.


I have nothing against religion. We can learn a lot from various existing practices. I realized that belief exists through perspective, and that each religion originated from someone's interpretation of our existence. What really got me to leave the church was a true test of unconditional love.

At 19 years old, I came out to my parents. They have always had a very difficult time accepting me for who I am, let alone my sexuality. I remember telling them: "If God created us, then why would He make me gay and say that it is forbidden? It doesn't make sense. Do you think I chose this? Do you think I want to deal with being judged by people and treated poorly? Don't you think I want to have the normal life so that everything could be easier? Why would I go to Church if I am not accepted there?" That's when I started to explore my own faith.

Sexual Trauma

This has always been a very sensitive topic. As a child, I experienced sexual abuse for a couple of years from someone who my family housed and trusted. It was a huge act of betrayal. I didn't know it at the time. I consented without understanding what was going on. All I knew was that this person gave me attention and desired my presence which was great bait for someone who, many times, felt alone and neglected.


I never told anyone until my mid 20s due to guilt and shame, and no one knew how to handle the news which was also tough to experience. It has been a deeply painful healing journey and also so deeply transforming.

Declining Health

Since the age of 10, I had been cycling through depression and suicidal ideations. I also developed high levels of anxiety with an occasional panic attack. In my 20s, I started to experience physical manifestations such as hypothyroidism, IBS, chronic hives, digestive issues and many other undiagnosed conditions. After years of receiving unsuccessful treatments from Western medicine, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

In college, I took a class on Eastern philosophy and was drawn to the more ancient ways of healing. Nearing the age of 30, I discovered energy medicine, and learned that our bodies respond to what we carry, energetically, and that trauma from our childhood, ancestry and past lives all contribute to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dis-ease.

Discovering My Passion

As I explored and applied various energy healing techniques into my own practice, I managed to heal from many of my conditions and trauma. I have experienced and still experiencing incredible transformations. Through my own healing journey, I discovered a deep passion in helping others do the same.


Despite all of the challenges I have faced and continue to face, I am always able to sense the light in the midst of dark places which fuels my confidence and inner strength. Hence the name of my practice, The Eye of Light. Sometimes, we need a reminder and I'm here to do just that.


In 2018, I received my certification in Holistic and Integrative Health where I learned how to balance the mind and body through various healing techniques (i.e. nutrition, light/sound therapy, healing touch, yoga, and meditation). During my studies, I took a keen interest in Ayurveda, an ancient healing system that focuses on promoting balance and flow according to one’s own individual constitution. Shortly after, I received my certification in Marma Therapy, an Ayurvedic treatment that cleanses blocked energy by applying light pressure to the Marma points, energy points that provide access to the chakras and the body’s innate intelligence.

Later that year, I attended the Art of Living Happiness Retreat Program in Boone, North Carolina led by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, an Indian spiritual leader and founder of Art of Living. Here, I learned the art of meditation (specifically the Sudarshan Kriya, a powerful breathing technique that uses precise natural rhythms) and how to tap into our inner wisdom.

In 2019, I ventured on a spiritual quest to Bali where I attended a Melukat, a sacred purification ceremony, led by the high priestess and other powerful healers. I also participated in workshops related to energy medicine such as Chakra Balancing and The Wim Hof Method. In addition, I received a Discover Essentials (essential oils) certification.


After returning to the U.S. later that year, I received my certification in the Emotion Code, an energy practice of releasing emotional blockages by using muscle testing and tapping into the subconscious.

In 2020, I received my certification in the Silva Method, a self-help and meditation program that increases an individual's intuitive abilities through relaxation, development of higher brain functions, and psychic abilities such as clairvoyance. I also learned how to read Tarot and Oracle cards, a spiritual tool for giving and receiving guidance.

In 2021, I traveled to Jalisco, Mexico and was trained in Ventosas, fire cupping therapy, and Sobada, a massage therapy, to alleviate muscle tension and reposition the stomach, intestines, matrices and bladder when abnormally situated.

Throughout the years, I have been diving deep into my intuitive abilities with the assistance of my spirit guides, guardian angels, ancestors, the elements and other guides I've crossed paths with along the way. I am always seeking to explore, learn and grow in order to better serve humanity and the world.

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