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Testimonials: Testimonials


What Clients Say

"Thank you so, so incredibly much, Desiree. I can’t even tell you how valuable this was for me. There are so many things that make sense now. I’ve been feeling so deeply at peace and happy, and cried some kind of relief and sense of self. You are amazing. I’m so fascinated by your abilities and indescribably grateful that you wanted to do this session on me! I feel so much more whole. Thank you from every little part of my soul." - S.F.


Longer Client Reviews

What Clients Say

"I want to write a review because this healing was MAGICAL. I was skeptical at first. I never really believed in spiritual healing or any kind of healing in that matter. I reached out to Desiree with hopes it’ll help me figure myself out. Needless to say, I already felt weird sensations with only 10 minutes into the session. As it progressed, I found myself crying. I don’t know why but it moved me. And then, I felt the presence of an Angel which made cry hysterically. Desiree told me about my past life, current and future and why I’m tied to certain people and it all makes sense.

The power that these sessions have is so intense that I yearn for more. My heart was blocked for years and I never understood its layers but Desiree helped me open my heart and mind. I am truly grateful that my spirit opened up to her as well as her welcoming me with open arms. If you’re in need of help, guidance or just a spiritual healing, I’d suggest giving Desiree a chance in helping you be a better version of yourself!" - M.P.

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