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Chill out! Give yourself some R&R this weekend and I’m not talking about Netflix and chill!

Cheers to a long weekend! 🇺🇸 As we transition into this break, remember to dedicate some time to rest and recover. Attend to your self-care and well-being so that you can be more efficient with your daily activities. This doesn’t mean laying in bed and watching Netflix! This what true rest for your well-being looks like:


There are two types: 1) passive - sleeping, napping; and 2) active - walking, yoga.


Mind dumping allows the mind to release any toxic information that it is trying to hold onto. Take it out of your mind and put it on something concrete. Write down your thoughts and mark those that are positively influencing you versus those that are draining you.


Find people who accept you for who you are - the good, the bad, and the ugly - and spend time with them. Speak your truth. This can be a counselor, family member, or a close friend.


Be around people that revive you. Just being in their presence gives you life. Leave those moments better than when you came in. Avoid social media or the news.


Take time to limit your exposure to electronics, loud sounds, perfumes, and processed foods.


Allow beauty to inspire awe or wonder within you, ie. nature, beach, music, art, theatre.


Meditate, pray, or journal.

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