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You don't always have to understand your emotions

You don't always have to figure out why you're feeling a certain way. Sometimes, you will feel pain with no back story. Just emotions, trying to find their way out.

They say we must understand our emotions and discover where they are rooted in order to heal, but from my experience, that hasn't always been the case.

You know when you get triggered by something and it reminds you of a past traumatic experience? Well, if you've actively been healing, you may experience random emotions of pain without a sense of where it comes from, and at times, it may never come.

At first, the ego may try to reason with emotion.

For years, it has been programmed to identify something by relating it to something else in order for us to feel a sense of knowing or control which usually results in attachment (to a story).

What I realized was that…

In my effort to analyze pain, I actually hindered my healing process.

As human beings, our bodies are made to fully process emotions (energy) with or without the workings of the mind. If we use any kind of reasoning, we are likely in a state of resistance which causes disruption or blockages in the body.

We are all conduits of energy.

Everything we feel is energy, and energy is information but much of this information goes beyond what the mind can understand whereas the body (and soul) just knows.

The heart beats, naturally, without the mind telling it to do so.

The same applies to the flow of emotion (energy).

To heal and move forward, we must not only understand our emotions but surrender our need to intellectualize them.

So, I encourage you to ask yourself… Can I allow myself to have an emotional experience without defining it?

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