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I Got Burned...

Well, I got burned. I apologize if this makes you feel a bit queazy. Just admiring the art of being human. Anyway, let’s skip the details on how I got it and get into what matters most - why it happened.

I truly believe that there are no coincidences or accidents in life. Ultimately, everything that happens to us is a reflection of what we emanate, energetically, whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

🔥The energy of fire exudes passion, action, creativity, and motivation. It can also manifest into irritability, impatience, destruction and combustion (when combined with air). Hence, be careful not to “play with fire”.

As a little girl, I adopted the subconscious belief, “I am not good enough,” which taught me how to discredit my abilities. I still have my moments. However, I must say that this incident definitely hit the perfect spot for me to finally break out of this habit, permanently.

Within the past year, I frequently found myself trying to force the progression of my intuitive abilities due to my frustration of not feeling “good enough”. Consequently, the more I did that, the more I slowed down my process and blocked its natural flow.

For a week prior to the incident, my irritability (fire) + doubt (air) hit its peak = combustion. Emotional exhaustion wasn’t enough to wake me up so I needed to experience a physical manifestation of my reality. Well, it worked. Nope, not gonna doubt myself anymore!

I definitely learned the importance of being present, accepting what is, and moving with life’s natural flow.

Mantra: Observe more, control less.

P.S. This pose came so naturally to me, artistically expressing my journey so perfectly - the rising from darkness, illusion and suffering below into light, clarity and peace above.

The hand below faces inward and darkens the vision of the affected eye, indicating closed or narrow-thinking that has caused harm (burn). The hand above faces outward with an unblocked vision in the other eye, indicating a clear and open mind that is unharmed. Also, my wrist tattoo translates into “patience” so it’s amazing how that synchronized so well with the message.✨

📸: Eliana Ruvalcaba

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