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If it drains you more than it fuels you, walk away.

If it drains you more than it fuels you, walk away. Leave it for someone else. It’s not yours to keep. Make room for what’s really meant for you.

We may think we know what we need. Question is... is what we think we need truly what is needed for us? The challenging factor is the cyclical nature of seeking validation outside of ourselves rather than realizing what we truly need can only be validated within ourselves.

What is really meant for us will always bring us to a place of self-love. With no self-love, there is no purpose. With no purpose, there is no passion. With no passion, there is no fire. With no fire, there is no fuel which means that our needs are not truly being satisfied.

We all have special places that are meant for us (and by places I mean in partnerships, friendships, jobs/careers, purpose, etc.). If this place brings you more toxicity and drainage rather than self-love and acceptance, it might not be your place to stay, and instead, something better may be awaiting ahead. In that case, consider taking off on your next adventure and make sure that you understand how to discern your needs before you arrive at your next destination. That way, you can identify what is really meant for you rather than trying to fit into a place where you don’t really belong. ✨

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