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It Is NOT Your Fault...

It’s not about what he said or she said, or what he did or she did. The truth is we all play a part in everything we experience in our lives. The cycles and systems we are facing exist because we created them. We are at war with each other because we are at war with ourselves. This is not a one person, one group, or one country effort. We function as a collective just as much as we function individually. So, it’s time to let go of the blaming and shaming, and start taking accountability for our words and actions. We are the creators of our own reality and THIS is the reality that we created.

Let’s be real. We all have baggage, and unfortunately, we are also carrying the burdens of our history. We learned to give our power away to leaders and other imbalanced systems/people. Eventually, they took advantage of our power, leading us to feel anger, resentment, fear and worthlessness. As a result, it became natural for us to blame others for our pain and suffering even though we were the ones who deceived ourselves in the first place.

You are angry. You are hurt. You feel guilty and shameful for it. It's ok. There is nothing wrong with that. Own it because, in reality, you are not angry at others for the pain you feel; you are angry at yourself for allowing it rather than standing in your power and setting healthy boundaries. Forgive yourself, and remember that this forgiveness is for you and your peace of mind, not for other people. No one is getting away with anything. We all have our own karmas, and the roles people play in our lives are a reflection of that. Rest assured, what is said and done is not our fault nor the fault of others. We are all operating through our own perceptions and levels of understanding. So, what's the big picture?

We are all powerful and infinite beings. We've just gotten so used to using our linear-logical thinking, habitually placing ourselves in boxes and labeling them not realizing that the limitations and conditions we placed in our systems are merely illusions created under the influence of imbalanced energies. We don't belong in boxes, and we are not separate from one another. We are all connected and affecting one another. Yes, we are all different and that is because we are quantum beings - there are infinite ways of functioning and living. Ultimately, we are here to coexist as equals, complimenting one another and experiencing the evolution process together as one.

Let’s face it. We cannot change the mindsets and actions of others but we can empower them by showing up for ourselves. As we go inward, face our shadows, heal from our own imbalanced cycles, take back our power, and change our realities for the betterment of humanity, we are contributing to a more balanced system. Now, more than ever, we are experiencing a huge revelation. It’s time to be silent, reflect, reprioritize, and rise up more than we ever have before. This is OUR awakening.

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