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There is darkness in everyone. What matters is how we respond to it.

There is darkness in everyone. It isn't bad nor wrong to have or experience. What matters is how we respond to it.

In moments of anger, jealousy, envy, greed and resentment, we have the option to respond with love or fear. In fear, darkness is amplified, and any attempt to overcast it just makes the storm grow stronger. To choose love, we have to be willing to face our darkness with strength and humility. How? By letting go of the story.

Emotions feed signals of information to the mind. They are neutrally charged until we relate them to something else. Our mind attempts to understand this information by assigning stories to them, stories that may not even be our reality but is deemed necessary for protection because it is always on survival mode.

We have been taught to shame our darkness, neglect it or use it as a weapon instead of recognizing it as a tool for growth. We all have qualities of light and dark. We live in a world of duality. We need both for balance. The issue is that we were taught to fear darkness since day one, to believe illusive stories for our own protection, for our own good, not knowing that we are feeding into an imbalance. This is why we continue to give our power away and remain under the control of broken systems as a collective.

Our emotions do not define us nor our experiences. As mentioned before, emotion is information and we are the consciousness who is aware of it and decides what to do with it. This is how we create our experiences. Though, to create a better reality, we must learn how to control our impulses when in darkness by pausing and observing our emotions instead of running on instinct - the fear. This takes much practice.

So, be angry, jealous or whatever. Surrender to it and the fear associated with it. Do not resist or deny it. Sit with it. Understand the story behind the emotion. Trust that there is growth in this process and in this space, and that whatever is happening is for a higher purpose. Once it is fully recognized, we can alchemize it by letting go of the story. We can choose to stop playing the same roles through similar cycles and instead, create a better foundation for our future. This is our gift. This is our power.

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