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"Virus of The Mind" Symptoms

Artwork by Heba Amen

Have you ever considered that your mind could be infected by a virus that is currently plaguing your life with toxic situations?

When we contract a physical virus, it affects our physical, mental and emotional well-being. This also happens when we are infected with toxic thought patterns and beliefs, or “virus of the mind”. Can you recall having a fearful thought and how it affected your physical body, mental capacity, and emotional state?

Feeling fearful, anxious, angry, frustrated, resentful, worthless and any other negative emotions are symptoms of the “virus”. Memory loss, inability to focus, and confusion are other symptoms. Any physical discomfort or illness indicates long-term suffering.

So, how can we destroy this virus? No medicine or vaccine needed. The only way to cure it is to address any past traumas associated with it, release the toxic thought patterns and beliefs involved, and arrive at a place of love, acceptance and forgiveness.

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