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"Get-Your-Shit-Together" Vs. The Pause

A lot has been going on with my energy lately which I didn't understand at first but now I see that it is in preparation for bigger things in the future. The universe has been directing me into many moments of PAUSE* which has been very interesting because I was always taught to get-your-shit-together growing up, especially during these moments.

*Pause = rest and integration. I set specific structures to help me become more consistent and grounded in my goals, like here at The Eye of Light where I committed to sending out newsletters every 2 weeks, writing and posting content on social media at least twice a week, and promoting my services on various platforms. Well, it didn't work out the way I planned.

Whatever I set out to do has been impermanent and I tend to feel shameful for not carrying things out like I'm "supposed to" but time and time again, I realize that everything could change at any moment, and instead of being hard on myself, be open to whatever comes up because there is always a deeper meaning or a lesson involved.

Honor how you feel in each moment.

If we do not honor ourselves and how we feel, especially during moments of vulnerability, what we give or put out will not be beneficial for ourselves nor to the world around us. We must be intentional in our words and actions, genuine and heartfelt.

I recently reached out to someone for guidance and this is what I was told: "How do you perceive yourself and your purpose? Are you judging yourself for who you are right now? What does authenticity mean to you? Embodying your higher self, acting out your purpose, or you just being you in whatever stage you're in?

Get clear on your inner vision. How do you perceive yourself and how do you want to present yourself? There is doubt in showing yourself as you are right now. Take the pressure off. Acknowledge all the work you've done and what you've accomplished thus far. Let down your walls. Let what needs to come up without judgment. Embrace it. Remove the lens of needing to be someone you are not right now. Step back. Observe. JUST BE."

Sometimes we get so caught up in the chase or the hunt, looking for the next thing to do or the next lesson to learn or the next wound to heal, that we don't take the time to pause and acknowledge who we've become and all of what we've accomplishments thus far. Typically, this leads to exhaustion and the invalidation of our worth which likely stems from not feeling good enough.

Just as the Native Americans pause and give thanks and praise for the animal's sacrifice and feeding the family, we too need to pause and show gratitude for our own fulfillments in life.

I realized I had been doing a lot of inner work on top of the work I'd been doing at The Eye of Light that the universe responded by showing me the true value of pausing. Instead of moving onto the next step like I usually would do, I was repeatedly forced into a space of what felt like nothingness. Moving onto the next thing without acknowledging my efforts was very detrimental to my well-being. My body needed days upon days of rest and integration. Some days, I would ask, "Again? How much rest do I need??" to which the universe responded, "as much as you need." I just had to laugh because my body wouldn't move! Here, I learned to transmute my frustrations into acceptance and love.

To get into the habit of acknowledging and honoring myself, I was advised to create a ritual of celebrating my growth, to be present with who I am now, to create my own support system and be my own cheerleader. If this resonates, I invite you to do the same. Be sure to make the ritual tangible and not just a pat on the back. Perhaps you decide to make yourself a special dinner, listen to music and dance, burn a candle in your honor or say a prayer. Whatever works for you as long as you are setting the time and space to honor yourself every time something comes to a completion in your life. Now, this may feel rigid at first but the more you do this, the more you connect with yourself and your confidence which will gradually ease any tension you may experience. ​So, let's start this together, shall we? 🙂

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