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10 Signs That You Are Spiritually Awakening

With all that is going on in the world right now and the rising of the energetic frequencies, many people have been forced to start “waking up”. This year, we have been experiencing issues rising to the surface to REALLY be seen, influencing many of us to question ourselves and the environment, especially the current systems we have in place (monetary, health, education, law enforcement and so on). As a result, people have become more passionate in fighting for a cause or just now acquired the drive to demand justice. This is just one example of what a spiritual awakening can give rise to.

Spiritual awakenings are very powerful, transformative and rejuvenating. Though, the process is far from being pleasant and calming, especially in the beginning. It is INTENSE. It is an unfolding of the person whom we thought we were and a realization of our reality beyond the illusions we were fed.

Here are the 10 signs of a spiritual awakening:

1. You feel lost and are questioning your identity.

2. You feel that life around you is superficial.

3. You feel more sensitivities both emotionally and physically.

4. You see reality beyond the physical senses.

5. You feel more connected with nature and animals.

6. You have developed compassion and a deeper understanding of people.

7. You let go of toxic people and situations, and are setting boundaries.

8. You are no longer interested in small talk and feel the need to be alone more often.

9. You feel a deeper sense of purpose and desire to make the world a better place.

10. You are aware that you create your own reality.

If you have been experiencing these signs, you are now beginning to step into your true self and purpose in life. You’ve been left out in the dark for too long but it’s ok. Ultimately, it was needed as part of your growing experience. Now, it’s time to rise up and transform all that darkness into light.

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