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Is Your Mind Being Controlled Through False Illusions?

Our minds only perceive things based on our our beliefs. Unfortunately, most of these beliefs have been influenced by other people and may not necessarily align with our true selves; therefore, our minds have a tendency to create false illusions and are susceptible to mind control.

With all the traumas that have been passed down from generation to generation and all the misleading information we continue to be fed, it is very challenging to connect back to our true selves when we’ve been so heavily taught to rely on our external environment. Why is it so important to connect to our true selves? Because that is how we can shed all the darkness in this world, relearn how to love unconditionally, and be at peace with ourselves and one another.

For centuries, we have learned how to deceive ourselves and depend on other people or circumstances beyond our control. We were basically taught to give our power away so that we could be manipulated into thinking that we don’t have what we need and we have to get it from someone or something else. Well, it can be provided but it can also be taken away without your consent. This is how we remain susceptible to the control of others, especially ones governed by darkness.

Darkness vows to keep us mind-centered because our minds operate in survival mode and has a tendency to create false illusions due to its linear function. OUR MINDS WILL BELIEVE ANYTHING AS LONG AS IT MAKES LOGICAL SENSE. All it needs to do is plant a seed and watch us resort to fear, creating more darkness to feed it.

Remember, anytime we are experiencing a negative emotion, we are operating from our minds tainted by darkness. In order to shed this darkness, we have to connect back to our true selves at our heart intelligence. WE ARE LOVE and we need to feed our minds with loving beliefs. That is how we were created and that is how we innately operate. Think about the purity of babies who love unconditionally. That was us before we became conditioned.

Anytime you come across a belief, ask yourself if it aligns with your true self. If it resonates with love, keep it. If it feels discomforting, let it go. It’s not yours to keep anyway. It’s an illusion. Learn from it, grow, and then take back your power.✨

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