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Are you paying attention to the red flags?

Not paying attention to the red flags because you want to see the good in people will only cost you more pain.

It’s great to see the potential in people but is it fair to say that someone has the potential to fit into your life by becoming the person you’d want them to be?

We all have a tendency to idealize a perfect partner or friend, and that’s fine. They do exist somewhere out there. Though, when we start to place expectations on other people, we deny people for who they truly are; and when they don’t meet those expectations, we tend to place the blame on them, inadvertently. Well, that’s not fair, is it?

We all want to feel loved and connected. It’s in our nature. And everyone has the potential to be “good” but not everyone has the potential to be “good for you.” What’s your reality, right now in the present moment? Does this person really align with you or are you creating a story that isn’t true?

Let’s dig a little deeper. Why do you let people in so easily? Are you subconsciously placing expectations on them to fill a void?

Remember, people are only meant to serve as an addition to your wholeness, not as a replacement for your suffering. Don’t ignore the red flags. Only you can fill in those voids. Letting them in will only cause you more suffering.

What’s the main cause? Perhaps it’s because you feel empty or that something is missing. If that’s the case, then it is highly likely that you lost your sense of self. How? By focusing on the needs of other people.

Find your true self, not a potential to fit a mold. Only then will it be easier for you to sense the truth in your reality. ✨

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