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Believe in what you deserve.

Real talk. Do you actually know the power of your beliefs? You can say that you are a strong, brave, independent woman but do you believe it? Because it makes all the difference in the world.

The power of manifestation isn’t managed by your thoughts. It is managed by your beliefs.

You may at a point in your life wondering, “Why me? Why is this happening to me?” Well, what do you believe? Do you believe that you’re unlovable and unworthy, and will never find someone that will love you in the way that you desire? Do you believe that you can never do anything right and will never amount to anything? Do you believe that someone’s out to get you and always feel the need to watch your back? Well, you’re right. Let me tell you why...

We are all energetic beings spewing out vibrational frequencies. Whatever matches your frequency will magnetize towards you. So, if you are vibrating at the frequency of abandonment, a person or situation will present itself to reflect your belief. You don’t want people to leave you but as much as you try to keep them in your life, they leave anyway even when you have the best intentions.

What do you believe? Go ahead. Ask yourself. Listen to your self-talk. All of these things are happening to break you so that you can finally snap you out of it. What do you need? What do you deserve? Start practicing positive reinforcement and believe that you are worthy of love and happiness, and be gentle. Punishing yourself doesn’t make things any better. Embrace your inner child. You are learning self-worth and self-love. Once you’ve acquired this habit, watch how everything unfolds.

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