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Do you have a Heart Wall?

About 95% of the population has a Heart Wall, especially if you consider yourself to be an empath or highly sensitive person.

When people say, “I need to put a wall up so I can protect my heart,” they are actually putting a protective energetic wall up called the Heart Wall. It sounds like a good thing but it’s actually doing more harm than good.

Layers of the Heart Wall are built by traumatic experiences that have made us feel all types of unpleasant emotions such as anger, resentment, abandonment, shame, worthlessness, etc. It’s natural for us to feel the need to protect ourselves from vulnerable situations, but putting a wall up does not deflect negative experiences. It creates more.

Take love in relationships for example. When you have a Heart Wall and your partner sends love to you, it has to travel through your wall first in order to get to your heart. By the time it passes through layers of anger, resentment, shame, and worthlessness, their love for you is distorted. Instead, you feel emotions from your past experiences rather than feeling the truth of their love. As a result, doubts start to form, likely erupting into an argument. What could’ve been beautiful experience spiraled into another traumatic one, possibly adding more layers. On the flip side, if you were to send love to that person, it has to travel through your Heart Wall first and then theirs, too, if they have one as well.

Heart Walls hinder your ability to give and receive love, and feel other positive emotions. They often lead to feelings of isolation, anxiety, sadness, depression, and other emotional challenges. The most important thing you can do for yourself is release negative emotions that may be forming a wall around your heart. Humans need love to survive so it is extremely beneficial for yourself and to those around you to relieve yourself of this hindrance and feel the true depths of each other’s love.

Find out if you have a Heart Wall, and make a difference for yourself and the people around you today! Happy healing!✨

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