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Expressions of A Wounded Nurturer - Releasing Mother Wounds

HAPPY EQUINOX! It's time to let go of what no longer serves us. What am I releasing, you ask? ๐Ÿ˜ More of my nurturing wounds, or Mother wounds. I am a nurturer at heart. I LOVE taking care of people but I only started to set boundaries a few years ago. I have gotten so much better; though, at times, I still catch myself taking on other people's problems as my own or becoming detached from my emotional experiences, especially when someone is triggered by my words or actions.ย  My version of making things "better'' is to either insert myself and offer resolutions to relieve them of their pain or remove myself from the situation, especially when I feel like I am the problem.ย  Instead of being nurturing and supportive, I tend to come off as cold, invalidating and abandoning. I've wanted to be their savior, partly because it hurts too much to experience other people in pain and also because I tend to rely on others to validate my worth. And when I've triggered their pain, I would rather flee than to feel blamed or rejected. In having this awareness, I am seeing more and more how toxic it is to take people's experiences, personally. It is selfish to take people away from their own learning experiences as these moments are their opportunities for growth. It is self-sacrificing to rely on the validation of others as it is not their responsibility to do that but our own. It is self-sabotaging to take the blame for other people's emotional experiences as what they perceive of us is NOT a reflection of who we are. Who resonates with this? I don't know about you but holding onto these wounds is exhausting. Are you ready to let go of them with me? โœจ

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