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Feel that thing you don't want to feel...

Some of us have been taught to be “strong” by ignoring or avoiding pain hoping that it will eventually go away. The reality of the situation is that we are building emotional blocks that will only cause more suffering as it builds up. It is important to let energy flow, whether it be joy, love, laughter, sadness, anger, or grief.

Why do we tend to be so inviting of positive energies and shut our doors to negative energies? Because no one wants to feel pain, right? But, how can you learn what love or joy is without feeling how crappy anger or sadness is? This is the beauty of pain, and the only way to release stuck energy is to feel it and let it pass through. Cry. Scream. Punch some punching bags. I, personally, hated crying. I am one to feel things so intensely so I developed a habit of holding things in. Eventually, I realized that it always led to a breakdown which was WAY worse! I also got so sick to my stomach. Later on in life, I learned how to surrender to the pain. The more I cried, the better I felt afterwards. I mean, when it’s all drained out, you feel much lighter, no?

Don't be afraid to feel. Let it run its course. This is the detoxification process. This is where healing occurs. FEEL IT to its intensity and be free.

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