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Get out of your own head!

You cannot use your mind to heal when it is preventing you from healing in the first place.

We always feel the need be on survival mode because of the unknown. It’s scary. Everything feels like a threat. I mean, look what’s happening around us, right? Right, and that’s what fear, scarcity, and greed look like. This is what we’re exposed to consistently on a day to day basis.

As humans, it is easy for us to think negatively first. It keeps us on our toes. Again, this relates to the survival instinct. This fight or flight mechanism works well when your physical safety is actually compromised but it isn’t really effective when it comes to life choices.

It’s harder to think more positively, isn’t it? Well, it’s gonna take time. The mind is a muscle that needs training. Consistency is key. This is an evolvement that human nature needs.

We don’t live in the cave man days anymore where humans had to escape from predators, hunt for food, and find shelter. Much has evolved and, psychologically, we have not been able to catch up because we haven’t collectively learned how to let go of the past and live in the present moment.

The human mind has the tendency to want to relate things to others because it wants a pinpoint. It wants to KNOW. So, the easiest thing to do is relate your current experiences to the past - things that have already existed. But how can we move on from our past and create new experiences when we’re constantly reliving it? By stepping into the unknown. 📿✨

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