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"I choose me." For what?

I choose me not because I was told to but because I finally understand the importance of valuing my own worth.

You hear it time and time again but what’s stopping you from actually doing it?

Of course, we don’t want to hurt the people we love. We want to make them happy and receive that love back. But do we get that love back? Sometimes? Never?

What happens when you feel a constant need to abide by people’s expectations for validation and purpose?

Does it feel good when you do that? Pleasing other people for their own sake. Does it really warm your heart or is it festering with bitterness, frustration, or resentment?

This behavior around you and within you. This acceptance of a false persona. It is no one else’s doing but yours. Those dark feelings you have stirring up inside? That’s all you. This is YOUR creation.

You cannot control the behaviors of others but you can teach them how to accept you for who you are and not what they expect of you. And if they don’t? BYE. Teach yourself that this behavior is unacceptable and is nothing more than a fake portrayal of how things are “supposed to be.”

Why do you need this? Because you deserve better than to pity yourself for being “broken.” You are NOT broken. You are just finding your way through.

So, turn around. TURN AROUND and stop facing all of these people. You need to face your darkness first. Face all of that loneliness inside because, one day, you will finally get up from those bruised knees and have the courage to stand up tall.

Start today. You don’t need to put up with this abuse any longer. Say it. Say it now. “I CHOOSE ME.” And feel its truth. Why? Because this is the life you deserve.

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