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I Love So Deeply That It Hurts

I love so deeply that it hurts. It hurts to experience you in pain and suffering. I thought I was being selfless for wanting to get rid of them for you but instead of a “thank you” for helping, I received a “fuck you” for pushing you to your limits. I couldn’t understand the amount of backlash I had been receiving until I understood the truth of being an empath.

I feel the intensity of your pain as if it were mine, so I tried to manage your experiences as if they were my own, enforcing my beliefs on you. In reality, I was selfishly taking away your power to grow just to be at peace within myself.

As someone that feels so intensely and loves so deeply, it is my duty to illuminate with compassion and provide you with the support needed to rise and conquer. Instead of suffering with you, I will transmute any negative energies into love and hope to encourage you throughout your process.

- The journey of an empath.

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