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I see you deeper than you’ve ever met yourself.

It’s hard not to feel broken. There are so many opportunities for us to experience failure, heartbreak, grief, etc. It takes more effort for our minds to see things in a positive light than to ruminate in the negative. So, during traumatic experiences, it is likely for us to adopt unpleasant feelings about ourselves and others, packing on layers of blockages that hide our true selves. As the saying goes “history makes us who we are,” which is true to a certain extent but it doesn’t really define, at our very core, who we are and where we came from as energetic beings.

We are all having temporary experiences and emotions but we are reluctant to let go of them because we believe that they are a part of us. Though, behind the mask of our traumas are pure souls left undamaged that have the power move mountains. Since we’ve been so consumed by the darkness, it isn’t so easy to see.

We each have our own unique and sacred process of remembering where we came from and the power that exists deep within. When we see the potential in others, we are sensing the purity deep within. Plant your seed and shed even just a little bit of light the people around you to offset their darkness, especially to those you hold close to your heart. You may receive setbacks but don’t take it personally. Their feelings are not for you to own. Just allow them to unfold the rest. 🙏🏽

Dedicated to my love, Ellie.❤️

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