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I Talked To A Tree And This Is What I It Told Me

As I arrived at this tree, I felt inclined to sit and meditate by it, and so I did. I felt its beautiful energy embrace me along with the water’s flowing beside us.

Ten minutes had passed when I heard a faint whisper. Its subtlety drew me closer. Then, I recalled the wisdom of trees. So, I listened more closely and this is what I heard:

Observe my stillness. In my stillness, I am still able to nourish everyone and make a huge impact.

Observe the simplicity of the elements. The sun shines and I am energized. The water flows naturally and I am fed. The wind blows and I am still standing. My foundation is strong because my roots are planted.

Find stillness in your heart and embrace the simplicities. This is the foundation of life.

I was taken back. This was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment.

The water crashing on the right (covered by the tree, not shown in the photo) suddenly gained my attention. I thought, “ok, if the tree offered me this guidance, what can the water teach me?” So I asked and this is what I heard:

Do you hear the water crashing? The sound is beautiful. Do you hear the stillness of the water? It also sounds beautiful.

When things are crashing in life, it may not seem beautiful in the inside but as an observer, it is beautiful. And soon after, comes the bliss of calm waters. This is the natural flow and cycle of life.

Wow. How incredible and impactful are these teachings? Even the mere act of observation has expanded my perception on the significance of being in stillness.

Nature has so much nourishment to offer aside from feeding our basic needs. They are filled with guides!

Connect more with nature. Connect more within.

Be mindful - You can only connect with nature as far as you can connect within.

Listen more. Observe more.

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