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Is It Death That You Fear or Is It...

Is it death that you fear or Is it regret... for not taking risks and following your heart, for not doing what truly makes you happy, for not standing up for yourself when you needed to, for not spending more quality time with the people you love, for not showing how much you love and appreciate them, for not making peace with someone that actually matters to you, for not giving yourself enough time to relax or have fun, for not being present in the moment and cherishing what's right in front of you...

We can always choose to be happy despite our external circumstances. Yes, of course, it is not easy but why wait until our deathbed to realize that we always have that choice? Why wait to do what we've always wanted or needed to do until we have confirmation that we only have one more week to live? Sometimes, we get so absorbed in our external world and physical reality that we automatically apply the information we have been told to determine who we are and how we live through our experiences. The issue is that most of what we see, hear and already know is rooted in fear, and by holding onto fear, we believe that it is protecting us when it is really imprisoning us. As a result, most of us lose our sense of self and meaning of life, and may even view death as something that takes away our opportunities of happiness. But death does not take anything away from us. It is us that takes things away from ourselves. We give away our power to choose happiness the minute we depend on people and situations outside of ourselves to determine that. In reality, death gives life meaning, reminding us that what matters most is, not how life ends, but how we live every moment while we are still alive. We don't really know when our time will come so it is important to focus on the present moment because it is the only opportunity we have to make that choice. To choose happiness is to live a meaningful life, and we do that by moving beyond the illusion of fear and living in authenticity. Who are you, really, and what is your purpose? Turn inward. Question everything you were told, including the information in books and, especially, the media. See the bigger picture. Come into a deeper understanding of your life as a spiritual being having a human experience. Rediscover your authentic self, trust in your inner wisdom and align with your higher purpose so that when your time comes, you will already feel at peace. And so I ask, what would you do if you had one more week to live?

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