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Just BE. Be present in the version of you right now.

Last night, I received a message from my guides while meditating:

“JUST BE. Be present in the version of you right now. No need to pressure yourself. You will get there. This is your path. Do not skip any steps. Take every single step, even if it doesn’t feel so good.”

Every now and then, I find myself drowning in a pool of self-sabotage, telling myself that I should be there by now or I should be this version of myself already... and after every time, I try to remind myself: THIS is the cycle that needs to be broken.

Right now, our culture is shifting from the mindset of needing to be someone else other than who we are now, or needing to be somewhere other than where we are now... to accepting and loving ourselves for who we are and where we are at the present moment. We all want to be better, right? Though, it’s not easy to walk in a positive direction when we’re beating ourselves down to the ground.

Using toxic thoughts in an attempt to speed up our growth is just as unnatural as using toxic chemicals to speed up the growth of plants and animals. We must all remember to be gentle with ourselves. We are doing the best that we can.✨

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