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Trust Your Purpose and Its Natural Flow

My passion is to help other people heal and find clarity, purpose, love, happiness... in whichever way possible:

Energy healing, coaching or therapy, tarot readings, crafting crystal jewelry, writing and recording videos... and much more to come!

I used to get criticized for not being able to stick to one thing, and that I will never find stability as long as I jump from one thing to another. I shamed myself for a while, convinced that something was wrong with me, but I later realized that having these varied and spontaneous interests is part of who I am.

Stability, to me, is more of an inside job despite how it looks on the outside. My sporadic movements have taught me how to create emotional and mental stability in the inevitability of constant change. I’ve learned to not question life's natural flow because whatever called to me at any moment had always brought me to magical places I would’ve never explored if I held myself back in the criticism of others.

The journey through my purpose has expanded my perceptions tremendously, creating space for me to believe that there is much more to discover about life and the world than what meets the eye, and that we are not bounded by our limiting beliefs unless we allow them to.

So, my advice to you is...

TRUST your purpose in whatever form it comes in.

TRUST your abilities because they are yours for a reason.

TRUST your inner wisdom even if it doesn’t make logical sense.

TRUST that whatever comes to you IS for you whether you believe it or not.

And always keep an open mind.

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