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We are shifting into the new energy of 2020, the year of “20/20 vision,” or clarity.

Allow your layers to unfold as you gain clarity on who you truly are and not what you should be in the eyes of other people. This is your opportunity to establish a clear vision of what YOU want and need. Step into your power and regain the confidence to live the life you truly deserve.

It’s time to really understand the importance of fulfilling your needs first rather than half assing your efforts as a result of feeling dissatisfied. What you want and need is on the other side of fear, and is NOT for other people. Let’s get that straight. There is no need to seek for validation here. What you want is only for you to carry out and make a difference in your life and, in turn, for other people. Own it, believe in yourself, and just do it. You already have all the tools needed. You just have to set a foundation.

According to numerology, 2020 is the year of “4” symbolizing the 4 walls and corners of a room. This energy is perfect for creating the stability needed to carry out your visions. Just remember to keep an open mind, be creative, listen to your inner voice, and ALLOW. Happy New Year all! 🥳

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